What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering simply means placing the order before an item is made or finished. In the context of handmade tableware, pre-orders are made to order. While pre-orders include some lead time for the creation of your ceramics, this is a great way to order the exact handmade wares you want without worrying if an item is in stock or not. 

Lead times for pre-orders are calculated by the quantity of items and size of the order, kiln firings, and current scheduled orders. The quickest turn around time for a single-item tableware order would take about two weeks to completion. During these two weeks, your tableware is hand thrown, trimmed, given handles if necessary, fired (bisque), waxed, glazed, fired again (glaze), sanded, and finally packaged. Each kiln firing takes 24 hours or more to complete and there is ample time required for slow drying in between each step of the process. Ceramics take time! 

If you are interested are placing a tableware pre-order, but would first like a lead time quote please reach out! You can contact me here. Be sure to include order specifics such as item, quantity, and desired glaze. 

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