About VESSEL Pottery



I started VESSEL in the early spring of 2021 after the whirlwind of a year that was COVID-19. I first started throwing as a freshman in high school - it was love at first center. I graduated from the University of Oregon where I threw on and off throughout my degree, but ultimately ended up focusing my attention on philosophy and the visual arts. After graduating, I managed a tea house where I was constantly reminded of the impact pottery can have on our lives through the ritual of tea. The tea house, unfortunately, had to shut down due to the pandemic. I lost my job and was forced to move. This move brought me to Portland, Oregon where I am now. 

With an old manual Skutt kiln from the 70s that I acquired in high school and a crisp stimulus check I used to buy a wheel, I converted my garage into my studio. My studio is solar powered and functions with zero raw clay waste meaning I recycle all of my raw clay. I use a three bucket system to catch waste clay and pieces that didn't make it to the kiln. This system also allows me to recycle water - my throwing water will end up rehydrating dry trimmings and become a fresh bag of clay for throwing with again. This system is not only economically beneficial for me, but important environmentally. 


This is where I am and how my studio operates. Many thanks to my parents, partner, and dear friends for their never ending support. And to you - thanks for being here,