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  • Hi! I'm Kelsey, potter & owner of VESSEL.

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VESSEL is a hand thrown pottery studio in Portland, Oregon creating tableware for home and hospitality clients. We are a woman-owned small business founded by Kelsey Koens. 

We believe in the ethos of wheel-to-table: that plating local, farm-fresh foods on hand thrown pottery creates a holistic dining experience. As our lives become more fast paced, we find that people look for those slow, curated moments. Swap out your made-to-look-handmade factory produced tableware for the real thing. It supports your local economy deeply and elevates the dining experience. Win-Win!

We love to work directly with restaurant owners, designers, and chefs to curate tableware for your specific needs. 

Studio Values-

Our local economic and environmental impact is important. We are so excited to share that both the studio and kiln run on solar power! The studio operates with nearly zero raw clay or water waste due to our rigorous recycling system. And we take pride in supporting our local economy which is why we source all of our clay, kiln, and shipping materials from Portland companies. 


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Studio Values

Low-waste, renewable practices

All of our waste clay and water gets recycled to become new work.

Packaging materials are reused or recyclable (including our packing peanuts - they're biodegradable!).

Please continue to RR&R!

Fired by solar

The VESSEL studio - kiln included - runs on solar power!

Locally sourced materials

All of our shipping, kiln, and clay materials are sourced by our local providers here in Portland.

Made in Portland, Oregon

We strongly believe in the power of community and keeping things local.