Chef Collaboration: The Process

We love working directly with chefs, restaurant owners, and designers to uniquely customize the right tableware for your establishment. In this blog I will explain how that process typically works and what to expect. 

Step 1: The Consultation Meeting 

During our first consultation meeting I like to visit your restaurant so that we can look over storage, dishwashing/sanitizing processes, and other qualities unique to your restaurant. We can discuss storage limitations like: do the plates need to nest in one tall stack or can there be several smaller stacks, are items being stored in a way that won’t cause chipping, do they rest in the sanitizer well, how are tables getting bussed, etc. Answers to all of these factors will help inform the design process. 

We can discuss tableware ideas that you have, including design mock ups or alterations to the design of your current wares. I will often bring sample tableware for us to look over, and keep notes on the design tweaks you’d like to make.

For example, you may like the 5.75” Modern Plate but wish for it to actually be 3” Ø. Together we would look over some glaze options and decide on a couple you’d like to see on the prototypes. Now that we’ve decided on which forms and glazes you would like to see in prototype (like the  3” Modern plate in Dune in the example), we would schedule a Prototyping Meeting, typically about 4 weeks out. 

Step 2: The Prototyping Meeting

In order to secure this prototype work, a deposit of $150 is placed which can be applied towards your order total. Once the prototypes are finished, we will schedule a meeting. During the prototype meeting we will go over the finished prototypes and confirm which items you’d like to order. I will be able to give you better estimate on production/delivery schedules and we can finalize a payment schedule (if necessary). The first payment is due up front before I start production. 

Step 3: Production 

The production period takes time and patience! I will be throwing and glazing the agreed upon prototype items to your specified dimensions. I do this by taking very good notes and using a bit of math. On my end of this process I aim to produce nearly 1.5 times your order quantity due to incidentals like breakage, kiln accidents, glaze issues, etc. and will send you only the highest quality pieces. Check out my blog on my studio sustainability practices. 

If we decided on a deliverables schedule, we’ll have bi-weekly to monthly drop off dates. During drop off meetings I love to look over some of the items together and make sure everything is coming out as expected. Feedback is encouraged! 

After the order is complete, I will check in periodically and be available for any troubleshooting you made need (tricks for removing cutlery marks, bussing tips, etc.). I will keep your order details including product dimensions and specifics for when you are ready to re-order!

Final Thoughts: 

After lots of trial and error, I have found that this is a really great process for both participants and myself. My main goal is to provide you with fantastic, unique tableware that you are proud to serve on. 

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