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Pillar Lamp (Pre-Order)

Pillar Lamp (Pre-Order)

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The Pillar Lamp is our modern take on a living room essential. A large, dimmable incandescent light bulb sits atop our hand thrown ceramic base. Turn the brass knob to dim the light to your preference (we love it about halfway on). 

Every element of the Pillar Lamp was thoughtfully sourced and assembled to maintain its integrity for many, many years. All electrical components are UL listed.


We hope this lamp will be a family heirloom, enjoyed for generations. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for pre-orders. 


5"  x 12" tall 

Please note that there may be slight variation in dimensions due to the handmade nature of this product. 


Lamp Components include: 

- Incandescent Light Bulb (60W, 120V)

- Standard E26 thermoplastic socket 

- Knurled Brass Dimmer Knob 

- Rotary Dimmer (encased in plastic housing)

- Fabric covered cord (6ft long) 

- 3 Prong Plug (Please note that lamps are only compatible with 3 prong outlets.)



Important Safety Disclaimers:

Please note that incandescent light bulbs emit heat and should not be touched during or immediately after use. Please allow sufficient time for the bulb to cool before handling. Bulb should stay out of reach for children and pets. 

Through our product testing, we found that the ceramic base acts as a heat sink for the bulb. The ceramic base will get warm during use, but should not become too hot to touch. User discretion advised. 

This table lamp is not intended to be hung by the fabric cord. This will cause damage to the electrical components. Please refrain from putting any weight or pressure on the cord. 

By purchasing you acknowledge you have read the safety disclaimers. 

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